Pursuing Corrupt Fugitives: On China’s Trial-in-Absentia System

Yang Xiuzhu

 Ms. Yang Xiuzhu in the dock

Chen Liang (陈靓)[1]

Table of Contents


I. Introduction

II. Background of the TIA System

A. National Policies against General Corruption

1. Starting Point in Late 2012

2. Evolving Campaign by 2018

3. New System since 2018

B. Political Incentives on Chasing Corrupt Fugitives

1. Starting from 2014

2. Law Enforcement Projects

3. Calls for a TIA System

C. Conclusion

III. How the TIA System Works

A. Investigation Phase

1. Jurisdiction of the TIA System

2. When to Transfer a Case for Prosecution

3. Conclusion

B. Prosecution Phase

1. Statutory Requirements

2. Discretion

3. Conclusion

C. Adjudication Phase

1. When to Accept a Case with the TIA Procedure

2. What to Do after Read the rest