The Export of the Chinese Railway “Bill of Lading” System: A Milestone in China’s Global Rule-Making?

Zhang Huiyu 张惠宇 Peking University School of Transnational Law

Table of Contents



SECTION I. Development of the “Railway Bill of Lading” System: from domestic practice to international proposal 5

A. Starting Point: Chongqing Practice and Sichuan Practice constitute the “dual-track” of the Chinese railway “bill of lading” system 5

1. Chongqing Practice: The Innovation of Unimodal Railway Bill of Lading 6

2. From Sichuan Practice to CIFA Bill of lading: The Development of Chinese Unified Railway Forwarder Bill 9

B. Turning point: The domestic legalization of the “railway bill of lading” 11

C. Current Point: The Internationalization of the Chinese railway “bill of lading” System 12

SECTION II. International Impact of the “Dual Track” System 14Read the rest